More Berkeley

Monday May 9th 2022

Josh Paz one foot ollie skate stopped hip in berkeley east bay

Paz got this one foot ollie in before this perfect hip got skate stopped even more than it is here. Got to be quick with these spots sometimes.

Berkeley Spots

Saturday May 6th 2022

DJ, front nose landing into a narrow bank in Berkeley East Bay

DJ, front nose into a narrow bank. Must have felt good. Good day over in Berkeley with the guys finishing things up. Taken from his interview in the current issue of Skate Jawn.

Times Up

Friday May 5th 2022

josh paz back tail san francisco skate spots

Paz got this back tail on our second visit to this spot. First time we got the boot pretty quick. From his interview in the new Skate Jawn.

DJ Rosa and Josh Paz

Tuesday May 3rd 2022

Josh paz and dj rosa filmed by jon rezonable

Watch our all new Josh Paz and DJ Rosa part filmed over the past year in the Bay Area by the man, Jon Rezonable. Click here

Thank you Thrasher, Skate Jawn, A Brief Glance, Vague and El Spots Skate Mag.