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Josh Paz, Leftovers

Wednesday March 8th 2023

Josh Paz. Footage filmed mainly in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Filmed by friends.

Josh Paz front board in santa cruz california

Josh Paz, front board fakie.
Santa Cruz.

josh paz boardslide in napa california

Josh Paz, boardslide.

DJ Rosa

Friday March 3rd 2023

dj rosa frontside 5050 in downtown SF

DJ Rosa, front 5050 shot by the Grunz.


Thursday February 16th 2023

Broadway showcases the Bay Area's older skateable architecture, visiting the East Bay’s smaller cities and rural towns around Northern California. Filmed over the course of 8 years, Broadway is the result of a deep appreciation for the built environment, the people, and the cultural experiences that are often overlooked. A masterpiece for sure.

Filmed and edited by Brett Nichols, featuring Bay Area skateboarders Josh Paz, DJ Rosa, Greg DeMartini, Reuben Barrack, Gerardo Peniche, Kyle Militante, Harrison Hafner, Bobby Groves, Wes Allard, Chris Jatoft and many more.

Broadway is the second half of a double-feature, following on from Pathways 2, a surreal journey through imagined skateable modern architecture.

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Pathways 2

Monday January 30th 2023

Pathways 2, the latest video from Brett Nichols focuses on his love for modern architecture and surreal imagery drawing inspiration from Japanese skate videos. Filmed in the San Francisco Bay Area, featuring parts from Josh Paz, Elijah Akerly, Chris Jatoft, friends and more.

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Respect The Architect

Sunday November 6th 2022

charles mingus skateboard graphic art

Charles Mingus was a jazz legend who helped to break down the restrictions that existed for people whose artistic expression was called jazz. He was a master bassist with an expressive style that had to fight and claw its way to respectability; he created challenging and emotional performances in venues where the ring of the cash register competed with his music during performances; and he developed musical techniques that had an immediate impact on American music, despite never being invited to fill any academic position. All of these paradoxes are brought together by his standing as a jazz hero.

Showing our appreciation for jazz music and it's creative influence on skateboarding over the decades.

Made by Generator. Available in 8.1, 8.25, 8.38 and 8.5.

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Alabama Banks

Wednesday November 2nd 2022

dj rosa frontside wallride at alabama banks san francisco

Alabama Banks in the Mission. DJ Rosa bump assisted frontside wallride.


Friday August 26th 2022

DJ Rosa makes an appearance in 'Keepsake'. The third video for Social Hour, shot in and around Connecticut and beyond, features a mixture of New England skateboarding. Filmed and edited by Ethan Giorgetti. Additional filming by Jack O’Connor, Peter Freeman, Justin Koziol, Nolan Fonda, Sam Cahill, Jose Estrella, Thomas Purtel.

Skate Jawn

Support the goods

Friday August 5th 2022

12SF skateboards san francisco themed artwork victorian and jazz skateboards art graphics

Skateboard graphics designed in San Francisco, boards made by Generator. Currently available at FTC, 8Ball, Atlas Skateboarding, Conservation Skate Shop, 510 Skateboarding, Mission Skateboards, Shelter, Trial, Batsu, Vase, Loop, Home.

2nd Chance, Forreal Last Try

Friday July 1st 2022

Josh Paz's part from Benal's '2nd Chance, Forreal Last Try'. Click the link, watch the full video. Thrasher

East Bay

Sunday June 26th 2022

DJ Rosa front nose over a gap in the east bay california

DJ Rosa, front nose over a gap somewhere out in East Bay.

Skate Jawn

Friday June 3rd 2022

Josh Paz and DJ Rosa interviews talking about their day to day from issue 67 of Skate Jawn.

Josh Paz crook transfer in Berkeley from his Skate Jawn issue 67 interview

Josh Paz, crook transfer.

DJ Rosa switch back tail in Oakland from his Skate Jawn issue 67 interview

DJ Rosa, switch back tail.

DJ Rosa switch heel in San Francisco from his Skate Jawn issue 67 interview

DJ Rosa, switch heel.
San Francisco.

Josh Paz front smith C ledge in Berkeley from his Skate Jawn issue 67 interview

Josh Paz, front smith.

More Berkeley

Monday May 9th 2022

Josh Paz one foot ollie skate stopped hip in berkeley east bay

Josh Paz, one foot ollie.

Berkeley Spots

Saturday May 6th 2022

DJ, front nose landing into a narrow bank in Berkeley East Bay

DJ Rosa, front nose. Taken from his Skate Jawn interview.

DJ Rosa and Josh Paz

Tuesday May 3rd 2022

Josh paz and dj rosa filmed by jon rezonable

Watch an all new Josh Paz and DJ Rosa part filmed in the Bay Area over the past year by the man, Jon Rezonable.

Thank you Thrasher, Skate Jawn, A Brief Glance, Vague, Barrier, Be and El Spots Skate Mag.