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Charles Mingus was a jazz legend who worked to tear down the barriers that existed for those who expressed themselves artistically via jazz. He was a master bassist with an expressive style that had to fight and claw its way to respectability; he created challenging and emotional performances in venues where the ring of the cash register competed with his music during performances; and, despite never being invited to fill any academic position, he developed musical techniques that had an immediate impact on American music. His status as a jazz hero unites all of these contradictions.

Showing our appreciation for jazz music and it's creative influence on skateboarding over the decades

Stained veneer base
Random stains
Medium concave
Made by Generator

Sizes available:
8.1 / 8.25 / 8.38 / 8.5

Jessup grip included
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No tax added on orders shipped outside of California

Jazz Deck

  • $62.00



12SF Spring / Summer 2022